Can I order a large or Bulk quantity of Hookeez?

If you would like to order a large or Bulk quantity, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

Can I get special or expedited shipping on my Hookeez order?

At Hookeez We are always happy to help. Contact us with your special or expedited shipping needs using our contact form.

Where can I keep my Hookeez so I don’t lose it?

Hookeez is designed to hook to the handle of your reusable shopping bags. We put all of our bags into one. Attach Hookeez to that one bag and leave it on, its a snap!

Is Hookeez patented?

It Absolutely is! Hookeez is patented under US Pat D618537

Is Hookeez durable enough to hold my groceries?

Hookeez is made of a durable polymer and designed to handle regular use. Please note, that Hookeez is designed to keep your bags organized, but not intended to hold a full bag of groceries.