ourstoryI began taking reusable bags to the grocery store in spring 2008. I felt good about reducing my plastic bag consumption, but I struggled with where to put the bags while shopping. My two-year-old sat in the sitting area of the cart, so I’d have to put the bags in the bottom of the main compartment. Every time I arrived at checkout, I’d have to pull the bags out from underneath all the groceries piled on top. Often, before I was able to free the bags, the bagger already had packed some of my groceries in plastic bags. Frustrating.

On one occasion when my husband was shopping with us, the usual thing happened at checkout. “This is a pain!” he said. “It happens all the time,” I told him. He replied, “There has to be an answer … There should be some way to …” I could see the wheels turning in his head. He said he had an idea and described a hook to attach the bags to the cart where they’d be out of the way. The journey to Hookeez™ had begun!

I decided the hook should be large enough so it doesn’t get lost, yet small enough to attach to a reusable bag and remain handy when not in use. The next step was to create a design and prototype. (What an education!) The minute I tested it, I knew I was on to something. After working with a designer, I finally had my product and name, its look and my website.

I am thrilled to provide a product that is both useful and contributes to a healthier environment by making it easier for shoppers to use reusable bags. Of course, Hookeez is made of 100% recyclable plastic. I am a grass roots company, out to help this cause, one hook at a time!